Monday, March 12, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Posted by lea at 2:01 PM
This movie was hilarious! It would be particularly appreciated by those who enjoyed the film-makers’ previous offering, Shaun of the Dead. This is seriously a laugh-out-loud movie that simultaneously mocks and mimics other action films while maintaining a touch all its own.

Sandford, a beautiful sleepy town and multiple winner of the annual ‘Best Village’ award, has no recorded homicides for over 20 years. However they have a suspiciously high ‘fatal accident’ record. Which turns out to be no accident at all.

Enter Nicholas Angel. A highly decorated officer who gets ‘promoted’ to Sandford because his top-notch arrest record was making everyone else on the London force (sorry, ‘service’) look bad. The gags are funny, the action scenes are great and the spoofs of Point Break and Bad Boys II are absolutely hilarious. The cast is perfect and I really really really enjoyed this movie. No more to be said. It’s great!


PunditFight on March 19, 2007 at 9:47 AM said...

Hot Fuzz was fun but dissapointing. it was overlong with superflous endings (especially the very final one).

The director went overkill on the flashy transition effects (the sound became irritating after the first 10 times). I understand the action homage/pisstake but it was just annoying.

Redeeming points on packing the movie with superstar British comedy cameos and the writing was good. Overall not as good as Shaun of the Dead, but no shame as it was a hard act to follow.

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