Monday, August 6, 2007


Posted by lea at 5:10 PM
Brilliantly acted.

The premise of the story is that Anthony Hopkins’ character discovers that his wife is having an affair, and engineers the perfect crime to kill her and get away with it. The detective investigating the murder, it turns out, is the guy his wife was having the affair with. But don’t worry – that’s not a spoiler. The movie goes way beyond that.

The plot is a dance between the characters played by Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. They’re both brilliant actors, but Ryan Gosling really does (sorry for the cliché) steal the show. He plays the young cocky prosecutor who finds himself stretched to the limit with this wily and deviously intelligent defendant. I found it really gripping and really enjoyed the twist at the end.

Rating: 8/10
Great acting, but the young up-and-coming lawyer angle is somewhat reminiscent of John Grisham.


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