Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vince and Joy, Lisa Jewell

Posted by lea at 2:35 PM
Another (less trustworthy) book blogger said of this book, 'can't get better than', but I think it'd be a sad day for readers everywhere if that really was the case. Vince and Joy is a book about fated love, but the main characters are hardly the star-crossed lovers they're made out to be. There's no passion, no excitement - it's like a very mundane, drawn out car ride to a destination we all know we're going to (no surprises there), but the driver's trying to hype up the ride. If the events they faced between the time they first met until they finally get together at the end actually developed or formed their characters in any way, it might be a more forgivable book... interesting even. But that's not the case - they're the same wet people they were at 19 (when they first lost their virginity to one another) as they are when they finally meet again almost 20 years later. A very drawn out process for very little reward.


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