Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Hot & What's Not Wednesday

Posted by lea at 1:09 PM
I like these posts - it reminds me to be grateful for the things I like.

What's Hot

#1. Sydney in the summertime - I'm so lucky to live in this gorgeous city. Summer in Sydney is loaded with stuff to enjoy, from the free and paid events of the annual Sydney Festival, to outdoor cinemas (Moonlight Cinema at Centennial Park, OpenAir and Lady Macquarie's Chair, Bondi Open Air, Movies in the Overflow at Olympic Park), cheap deals at great restaurants around town and celebrations from dawn to dusk. Oh, and don't forget the beaches - seriously some of the best in the world.

#2. Lomography, which pretty much seems to be the art of taking gorgeous photos using crappy cameras. Cheap plastic cameras like Lomo and Holga have made a huge hit in the photography scene, and perhaps it's the backlash against humanity's strive for perfection that has seen their popularity rise. It's the very flaws in the cameras (light streaks, lack of focus, dark edging) that make the images beautiful. Flaws = beauty. Works for me!

#3. Holidays!! I'm going to Bali on Friday and I'm super-excited. After having worked through the Christmas-New Year period, I think I'm entitled to a few (actually 10) days off. I'm looking forward to:
  • staying at the luxurious Laguna Resort and Spa
  • fun in the sun with around 15 other friends all staying at the same hotel
  • body boarding! And maybe even taking some surf lessons... if I'm feeling adventurous enough
  • eating and shopping on the cheap

#4. Arrested Development the movie is finally going to be made (see post below) more than 4 years after the show was cancelled. It's been a long wait but hopefully it'll be worth it. Yay!!!!

What's Not

#1. A dating website that only supposedly 'beautiful' people are allowed to join. Apparently some of their members got a bit too jolly over the holiday period around 5,000 of them got kicked off for having excess holiday flab. What's staggering is that there are 5,000 people out there who would want to join a website like this.

#2. Fame-cravers with no discernible talent. Tila Tequila anyone? Paris Hilton? Lindsay Lohan, who actually does (or at least did) have some talent (The Parent Trap) also falls into this category for being famous for nothing more than the trainwreck of her life. Is it condescending of me to feel genuinely sorry for them?


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