Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The universe is conspiring to make me happy...

Posted by lea at 1:14 PM
It's the little things... like beautiful summer weather, having a public holiday to look forward to (hooray for Labour Day!) and the return of excellent TV shows that make me happy.

So that's the topic of my post today: 5 things that make me happy.

The sky
No matter what mood I'm in, I just have to glance upward and (as corny as this sounds) I can literally feel my heart soar with happiness. The wide expanse of open sky, whether it's scattered with clouds, hued with the colours of dusk or inky black with pinholes of light, reminds me that there's more to the universe than just me - just us. And that makes me happy.

Crank up the cringe factor, but this is true. Those who know me will know that I never planned to get married, so when it happened it was a 180 degree reversal of all my best laid plans. However, it was the best decision I've ever made because whether we're lounging in front of the TV, joking in the car or getting (ahem) more affectionate, I love every minute with hubster because he makes me incredibly happy.

Reading a good book
Nerd alert. Nothing compares to the feeling of reading a really really good book, and then coming to the end and closing it with a massive smile on your face and wishing you could start all over again. Especially when that reading is happening on a beach or somewhere super comfy.

PS - speaking of reading, my Great Library Challenge is stalled on E right now - Umberto Eco is killing me with The Name of the Rose!! It's already consumed 2.5 weeks of my life and the end is only now in sight.
Good humour
Whether it's hanging with good friends or appreciating a genuinely funny TV show - like Seinfeld, Flight of the Conchords and Arrested Development, three now defunct series which I LURVE - nothing makes me happier than laughing with (or at) something or someone. Right now I'm celebrating the return of the following shows that make me laugh: Modern Family, Glee, 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory and Community.

Being able to see clearly
Sounds like a funny one, but this refers to my recent laser eye surgery. It's not so much being able to see clearly, which I could do before with contact lenses or glasses, but remembering that I NO LONGER NEED THEM TO SEE!! Goodbye fogged up glasses anytime I enter a warm room or try to eat a bowl of hot noodles. Goodbye painstaking cleaning of contact lenses that eats up my toiletry time and disposable income. Hello being able to see the clock first thing in the morning. Hello new 20/20 life!

What makes you happy?


Karina said...

Um, hello are you my long lost twin? I was feeling a bit down lately (for unforseen circumstances that have arrised) So i decided to google "universe make me happy!" and your blog came up. The universe sure is funny :o)

I have to agree with you an all accounts! Though I am not married...yet, my boyfriend is the reason I smile everytime Im on my way home. I Love, love LOVE 30 Rock. Tina Fey is a powerhouse and such a wonderful role model. I would do anything to have a day to hang out with her!

I too have recently had Lasik eye surgery this past March and oh my bee-jeezus is it not the best decesion you have made? I have to stop and remember sometimes that I am seeing clearly without any assistance! So great!

Thanks for your blog, it put things into perspective for me.

Also, don't know about your spiritual preference but I HIGHLY recommend "Sit Down and Shut Up" by Brad Warner. Awesome read and a no holds bar on Buddhism.

Have a Wonderful day!

lea on November 8, 2010 at 12:32 PM said...

Hi Karina, I don't know if you'll ever visit this page or my blog again but I'm so glad you stopped by! How great that we have so much in common. Please invite me along if you ever get to hang out with Tina Fey :)

Thanks for the book recommendation! I'm a God-believer but I enjoy reading widely. I did some study on Buddhism years ago and found it very interesting.

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